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There are no products in your shopping cart yet.

Delivery times are always an indication which do not grant any rights. At this moment, it is very busy. We try to give everyone their items as quickly as possible, but the delivery times, especially for clothing, can really be 5 to 6 weeks

Game clothing will be made in a maximum of 6 weeks after receiving the payment or 6 weeks after placing the weborder.
If the delivery is too late, you will receive a 10% discount. 


This discounts is only valid voor private orders through the webshop and not on team orders.

Game clothing is defined as the clubpants (including potential trim) and the clubjersey (including logo and potential numbers)


Jackets, windbreakers, shorts, caps, undershirts, BP jerseys and practice jerseys are not considered game clothing


During the production process we do not have any insight of the progress. When your clothing has been delivered to us, you will get a notification and it will be shipped to the shipping address. Unfortunately we cannot give you any updates on the progress of your order. 

Shipping weborders of goods that are in stock usually takes 5 business days (usually shorter). With a combined order, we ship when the order is complete, unless the option 'ship in two parts' is selected. In that case the goods that are in stock will be shipped directly. The goods that have to be made or ordered will follow as quickly as possible. If the entire order is in stock when you have selected the 'ship in two parts' option, the extra €5,- will be refunded.


On Mondays and Tuesdays we work on location and are usually not capable of answering the phone. Please do not leave a message. These will not be answered. 


If you have questions, please send an email to We try to answer as quickly as we can, but it can take a little bit longer than normal because of the hustle.

Thank you for your understanding.