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Washing instructions SSK uniforms

SSK uniforms and jackets are fabricated of nylon, polyester, or polyester/cotton. These fabrics are dyed and because of that sensitive to discoloring during washing.

With an item that is made out of softshell, DO NOT use fabric softener, but use a mild soap.

To prevest discoloring as much as possible, it is wise to follow the next set of rules. Espcially scarlet, royal, and navy are colors that are extra sensitive to discoloring, and can cause some problems when they are washed together with white textile (ie. combination jackets or white pants with trim)

The first couple of times you wash your uniform/jacket, wash them separately from different textile, especially undershirts and socks. Do this as long as the rinsing water is colored. The first couple of times, you could add some white vinegar.

Don't handwash your uniform, or let it soak in a bucket. Stagnant water is one of the reasons of colorbleeding. Ample water in the washing machine is the best way. A stuffed washing machine can cause colorbleeding too.

Never let dirty uniforms zit in a bag. A wet towel in a bag together with a uniform can cause for colorstains within a couple of hours. 

Both too hot as too cold water can discolor your uniform/jacket. The best temperature for both nylon as polyester is 30 degrees Celsius. It is clear that not every stain will disappear at this temperature. Yet you should still be careful, especially in the beginning, with washing in temperatures higer than 40 degrees Celsius.

Interwoven pinstripe in less sensitive. You can wash this fabric without a problem at 60 degrees Celsius, if no colored trim is present.

Both nylon as polyester can be put in the dryer without it causing it to significantly shrink. LOOK OUT! When a logo or teamname in pressed on the fabric, the dryer should be avoided. 

In case you have followed all the mentioned provisions, the chance for discoloring or colorbleeding is almost nil. However, if your uniform comes out of the washer with a sleight tint, DO NOT put it in the dryer or line dry it, but put it in a bucket of water. By a color catcher for wet clothers at a drug store and follow the instructions.