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Tips for purchasing a good baseball or softball  glove
Choosing the right glove for you depends on a couple of factors. The most important ofcourse, are the position you play, your length, the level of play, and your personal preference. 
Depending on these preferences, the gloves will differ in size, pocket size, web, back, and padding. Below, we will explain which glove fits with which position, age, and level of play.
We carry gloves from SSK, Rawlings, and Louisville Slugger. These manufacturers have gloves for beginners and for professional players.
Glove parts
Web: There are two main different kind of webbings: open and closed. The choice depends on which position you play and personal preference. A closed web helps to get a more sturdy glove. An open web is more often used by middle infielders, because they want to be able to transfer the ball quickly.
Pocket depth: Shallow pockets are ideal to transfer balls quickly. Deep pockets are made to make it easier to hold on to the ball, for example when you make a diving catch. Softball players need a deeper pocket to catch the bigger ball.
Backs: The choice for a certain back. You can have an open back or a closed back. Closed backs usually have a opening for the index finger.
Catcher's mitt: A catcher's mitt is a glove without finger and with extra padding. There are different catcher mitts for baseball and for softball. The pocket of a softball catcher's mitt has a bigger pocket to be able to catch the bigger ball. Youth catchers usually use a 31" mitt and adults use a mitt of 32" or larger. 
First baseman's glove: The glove is the same for both baseball and softball. First baseman gloves are available from 12 ½ “ and up. Most of these gloves have an open web. 
Pitcher's gloves: Most pitchers want a glove with a closed web. This way they can hide the ball from the batter. The size is a personal preference. Every pitcher is different. Baseball rules indicate that the glove must be a solid color. 
Infield glove: Infielders usually use smaller gloves, starting at 11". 
Outfield glove: Outfielders usually use a bigger gloves to have a bigger reach in the field. These gloves start around 12". They also have a deeper pocket so that the ball  sits more firmly in the glove. 
  Use the following table to help you find the right side glove for you. ATTENTION! This are guidelines and can differ per brand.  
Age Position Glove Size (inches)
5-6 years allround 10" t/m 10,5" (youth model)
7-8 years allround 10,5" t/m 11" (youth model)
9-12 years allround 11" t/m 11,5" (youth model)
12 years - Adult Infield 11" t/m 12"
12 years - Adult Outfield 12" t/m 12,5"
Softball Infield/Outfield 12" t/m 14"
  LHT = Left Hand Thrower  
  RHT = Right Hand Thrower  

A glove is something very personal. Every player wants something else. Come take a look in our showroom and you can see and feel what we all offer.